Care advice

The best care for your BELM products.

  • Usage of Washing Machine Not Recommended!

    To clean your BELM product, it is strongly advised not to use a washing machine. Using a washing machine can result in the product losing its softness and ‘airy’ shape, shrinking, and changing its form.

  • Hand Washing

    If you have a spot or stain on your BELM product, it’s best to clean it immediately by letting cold water run over the stained area. Once the stain is gone, press out the water and let it dry on a flat surface. During the drying process, turn the product a few times.

  • Refreshing

    If you need to refresh your BELM product, it’s initially recommended to air it out.

  • Protection

    To protect your BELM product as best as possible from stains, children, or babies who might pull on it, we recommend covering it with a muslin cloth or sheet.

  • Caution

    The use of BELM products is at your own risk. While you can breathe through the Merino wool just fine, it can be dangerous for your little one. Similar to all other blankets/nests from any other stores, you should always stay with your child or regularly check if everything is still good. Never leave your child unattended when using the chunky knitted baby/children products.

General Information

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Material

    Our products are crafted from 100% pure, unspun merino wool.

    The merino wool comes from various countries in Europe. Our products are both animal and environmentally friendly. Our Merino wool is sourced organically and sustainably. The dyes used are commercial acid dyes that comply with the Oeko-Tex 100 quality system.

    Merino wool is exceptionally fine and consists of many thin fibers, possessing remarkable qualities.

    The wool has a self-cleaning ability due to its water-repellent fiber surface, which practically inhibits bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.

  • Shedding or Pilling

    Shedding or pilling of the wool is normal and occurs naturally with the use of wool products.

    The wool comprises fibers of a certain length, and when shorter fibers start to move, they accumulate on the surface as pills. Completely normal! Of course, this also depends on how intensively you use this product. If pilling occurs: do not pull them off! You can simply trim these pills if you prefer, and continue to enjoy this exquisite product!

    Shedding/pilling of the wool is normal and does NOT count as a product defect!